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ONEDEFINED [Fack It Records]

Rotterdam, Netherlands

ONEDEFINEDONEDEFINED is the conceptual extension of Fack It. Which is more focused on spreading the awareness of unity consciousness by realizing that we, as a human species, are in essence one with all of existence. The opportunity to truly realize this has become accessible for everyone around the world which makes it one of the most exciting times to be alive. It could end the identification with the destructive and limited content of the mind. When we achieve this, we’ll transcend the illusion of separation, we’ll experience the one. This vision is translated into the techno inspired exposure of sound expressing thyself on stage beyond a personalized-self to create a one mind atmosphere.

Facebook Livestream: Techno Podcast #4 – ONEDEFINED [Fack It Records]
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

hANZLEhANZLE was born in 1987 in Rotterdam, at a young age already interested in audio equipment and recording sounds from the radio while listening to house music. Fascinated by vinyl, he got his first Technics sl1200’s in 2005 and started mixing house and minimal music. Over the years his style took a more deeper and darker turn. By combining atmospheric pads & soundscapes with deeply percussion and electronica elements, he knows how to get his crowd going and taking them to a higher state of mind.

Recent Dj Set: hANZLE @ Toffler Indoor Festival 2017
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

KETTING KETTING can be found behind the decks as well as in the studio, where he started off his own industrial sound in 2012. Clearly KETTING’s engineering and architecture background have shaped his productions, where he captivates his audience with raw sounds and at the same time he tries to give them a sense of timeless space

Recent Live Set: podcast three by KETTING (nore.)
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