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Over Fack It

Fack It is a philosophy, which turned into a rave, became a techno inspired community, hosting Dutch techno events, developing a certain lifestyle, creating a clothingbrand, introducing a worldwide store and is growing into something beyond thought and imagination. It started in 2009, somewhere in the deep universal space where I stood still in time and experienced life in pure silence.

‘What’s happening here on planet earth?
What do I want to do with this life? How can I do what I love most everyday?’

While experiencing systematic pressure from society to follow a certain way of living which resulted in personal dysfunction I said ‘Fack It’ and decided to be free right now, just doing what I truly love; music. True awakening resulted years ago in dj/producer alias Silky Bastard, trips around the world, 10 Fack It raves in 4 different cities, music productions, performances, a lot of creative freedom and ‘Fack It‘ for me as the golden key which I will share with the world the rest of my life. Big thank you to all the people who worked with Fack It over the years, co-created the vision and supported me in doing it. x Karim Rave

The beginning of a one man dream learning more and more, becoming stronger and stronger while not giving a fack about societies expectations on the way of maintaining the vision to inspire the world in becoming a better version of yourself, creating a lifestyle around what you truly love and having fun doing it.

Fack It.

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