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How being Fack It can change your life.




Don’t believe everything you think.

Thoughts are like clouds in the sky, sometimes they’re dark and heavy, sometimes they’re light and beautiful. The underlying fact is: they come, and they go. Always. Thoughts are not yours or you. You are the one aware of thought, you see them come and go. Who are you? Being aware of thoughts.. Can you identify this one? Try to focus all your attention here. 


If you are born in a progressive economic system such as in western societies, you are programmed and driven by the need to achieve. The 21st century is conditioned in a competitive atmosphere driven by the need to prove ourselves and attain more power and prestige. It can be motivating in achieving great things and wealth for one self, but for most of us it has run out of control; the doing has taken over the being.


Result: people trying to look for peace and happiness.
But you don’t need to achieve anything to be happy.
Happiness is what you are.


The fulfilment you are looking for, remains,
when all that is untrue, is being removed.


Fack It, Live It


These two words as one sentence have deep seeded power. At first sight it might feel disgraceful, but after looking more closely sweet beauty and mystical truth is found in it. It’s short, powerful, understandable, easy to remember, known worldwide no matter what language and with proper guidance it has the power to change your life, forever.

Not giving a f*ck is a powerful realization, it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Not giving a f*ck about what people think is completely healthy and normal. It means you came to realize that you don’t need anyones validation in order to feel good with yourself, anytime, anywhere. This also counts for what you think yourself, you don’t pay so much attention to the thoughts running through your mind as well. This opens a space within yourself, now you are coming from a more true place. Not in need to be better than anyone, less than anyone or be in any competitive state towards human beings in general because of a competitive conditioned mind.

Being Fack It, without any regards, can help you to create the reality you want to live in, realizing you are freedom itself and are born to openly express and grow naturally without any limitations or need for explanations.


If you are reading this you have internet. Nobody has ever seen it, but it connects all human on the planet. Internet has become part of our lives, or maybe the connection was always there but we just discovered it. It’s something truly magical; an invisible force that connects all beings in the world, instantly. It changed the world very quickly, far beyond thought and imagination. Millions of people right now, especially in the younger generations, are benefitting the incredible freedom the internet has brought to the world and live the life they love to live. Wonderful.

Freedom is not what you achieve, Freedom is what you are. 

Present moment

”Realize deeply that the present moment is all there ever is.” – Eckhart Tolle

Just for this moment, realize that the story in your mind is all about the past. It’s not real anymore, it never was, your mind simply holds track of all that happens and creates a story in your mind to hold on to this image about who you are. You don’t need this story to be. If you want to experience true freedom, try to forget about all that the world told you to do or believe. Forget about life purpose. Forget about goals. Forget about fame, likes, respect, money, friends, family, recognition, meditation, spirituality, whatever it is that keeps your mind busy. Try to forget about it for now, without being afraid to lose control, your mind won’t disappear, you can pick all the thoughts and worries right up after reading this.


Relax. Everything is ok. If you don’t know what to do, or are anxious, have perspective. For example, there are 7+ billion human beings on this planet walking around at this very moment. Every second thousands of human beings die and thousands of human beings are born. 7 billion. That’s a 7 followed with 9 smaller than dust zeros;

Can you imagine this? Watch your breath. it looks like we are in this together, not knowing for how long, or where we go. It’s this thing called life were actually nobody exactly knows what’s going on. Relax.


Illusion of control

These questions are only for those ready to receive them.
Did you choose to come here? To be born in this particular time? In this particular family? country? city? house?

Because we try to control many things in life but it seems that the most essential parts of life are already taken care of. We do not control it, we do not create that. Like the breath, it just happens. So how hard must it be to simply be alive? Being life itself, being that awareness, aware of the mind jumping around or being still, being aware of all sense perceptions, without identification or in need for anything to happen.

Problems in life

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.

All problems in life are illusive, they don’t really exist. Most of the ‘problems’ in life are mind-created problems which are nothing more than conceptual thoughts of past events or desired/undesired future events. Both have nothing to do with the present moment, it has nothing to do with reality. These problems, coming in the field of awareness as thoughts can be let go of anytime you want. Simply become the witness of them. Uninvolved. Naturally detached. 

Become aware of emotion (e-motion = energy in motion) within your body. It’s connected to thoughts as well. Those emotions can make thought look and feel completely real but actually they aren’t, only when believed in, they appear to be real because you begin to experience it.

Like thoughts, emotions come and go. It’s never completely the same, it’s always in motion. You don’t control this. What you can control is choosing to observe thought and emotion, when observing you stop identifying with thoughts and emotions, this gives more space to your being. It’s like being stuck in a traffic jam; when you’re in it, you can feel trapped inside your car, you feel small, have no control which can cause irritation, frustration, stress and depression. When you’re in an airplane, and look at that same traffic jam, it can look quite beautiful and peacefully. All these tiny little cars (thoughts), how cute. 

Being open

When you welcome Fack It within your heart, deleted all the garbage from your mind and emptied the trashcan like you do on your computer it’s time to open yourself up for all the great opportunities you can receive in the upcoming minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years. There’s a really simple fact to begin with, you don’t control everything. There are things that just happen, no reason or whatever reason you want to put on it. Like the day you were born, the name you has been given, the school you went, the people you meet etc. It just happens. If you can accept this reality of having no control, you can loose the grip a little bit you are more likely to receive gifts beyond thought and imagination.


Trust in that what brought you here in the first place. Trust that there is something watching over you, me, us, whatever. Not in a religion sense of way, just realize the magic of being alive and experiencing all these different moments, people, situations; all coming and going. Some might be experienced pleasant, some unpleasant but none of it is you, you can observe everything. There is no good or bad either, it’s how it’s being perceived. Trust the one perceiving even when you can not define it, trust and fall in those arms you can not see.

Fack It. Live It. ”