There is a deep rooted wisdom in ‘Fack It
The power of letting go…

It’s universal.

‘Fack It’ is short, powerful, understood worldwide and with proper guidance it has the power to change your life forever. Not giving a fuck is a power worth having, and it doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you are wise enough to let go of people, thoughts and circumstances which are not empowering you and your life. Regardless.

Mastering the art of Fack It is power, real power. It means you are consciously letting go instead of trying to solve, fight or convince anything or anybody in your way.

You are allowed to make choices nobody understands, you are allowed to live your life. You’re allowed to live it the way you want. Don’t compromise.

Fack It.

Fall into the arms you can not see.

That what brought you here, will take you. There is no reason to doubt this, except when you demand a logical explanation for life, which doesn’t exist. It’s unknown, magical, mysterious and you are blessed, can you accept this?

It’s simple, keep it that way.

You’re absolutely free to feel fucked.

Feelings of depression, worthlessness, unhappiness and being tired of living are not bad. In the moment it can feel like these feelings and thoughts will never end, but they will.

All problems in life are created in the mind, they don’t exist as fact for everybody. What if you just stopped fighting unpleasant feelings and emotions? What if you would allow them to be for a change? What if you would not judge ‘bad feelings’ as bad?

Feel fucked, and let it pass.

Carry nothing, and be carried.

Give these questions a chance..

1. Did I choose to be born?
2. Did I choose my family?
3. The country I was born?
4. The house where I lived?
5. Why this particular time on the planet?

We try to control many things in life, while the most essential parts of life are already taken care of. Are they not? Our breath, for example, the most essential part of living. Try to stop it. Try to stop it right now. You can’t. There is something deeply within us that wants to live. It’s life itself, it’s what we really are, and it just happens.

Let it happen.

There is only now, and it’s forever.

Time is an idea, a thought-construct. A tool, to make sense of the timeless.

You want proof? Then start to look for it, where can you find the exact time? Is it written in the sky? Can you see numbers up in the air? The clouds tell you what day it is? The sun tells you what year it is? No, it doesn’t. Because we’re in the timeless. A seemingly endless cycle of planets, suns, moons and stars moving. The months, years, dates and times we use daily are written in our minds.

If you want to know what true freedom feels like, start with time. Let go of time. Because time holds your memories, your name, your connections; your past. As long as you’re living in the past your future wil be unfolding reflecting the past. Also, if you’re only thinking about the future, you’re missing out on what actually is; here, now.

Live now.

Connecting people worldwide.

If you are reading this, you have internet. It’s not visible to the eye, but we all use it. It has become part of our lives; it’s around us, within us and we can’t imagine a life without it anymore..

There is a logical and technical explanation for the internet, but how many of us really understand it? Besides the logical explanation, there is also a spiritual explanation; an invisible force connecting everybody around the world; instantly.

It changed the world quickly, far beyond thought and imagination. Millions of people right now, are benefitting the incredible freedom the internet has brought to the world and found a way to live the life they want because of it. On the other hand, as with everything, it becomes more and more regulated.

As long as we keep using the internet, and not let it use us, we’re good. (!)

Keep that in mind, friend.

You’re not alone.

We are with billions of people, billions of you’s and me’s. Walking around on the same planet right this moment. Can you imagine?

Every second, people are dying, and being born. Can you imagine this cycle going on continuously already for hundreds of thousands of years? Who really knows what everything is all about? What is important and what not? What should you do or not do? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Questions we only speculate and discuss about but nobody, ever, really found an answer to. We can only project, fantasize, research, believe and jump to conclusions but who really knows? Everything always changes, nobody can decide anything for you.. and nobody should.

Because nobody knows, and that’s ok.

Fack It. Relax.

Stop dreaming. Start doing.

Sometimes you just got to stop dreaming, and start living the life you dream about. This means to wake up and go. Or do you want it to just be a dream?

Live it.


Books are insightful, but you’re already complete.

(NL) Wakker Zijn In Een Slapende Wereld – Tom de Kok (2015)
(ENG) Becoming Supernatural– Dr. Joe Dispenza (2017)
(NL / ENG) The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle (1997)
(NL / ENG) Your Brain on Porn – Gary Wilson (2015)
(ENG) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers (1988)
(NL / ENG) Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill / Michael Pilarczyk (2016)
(ENG / NL) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – Mark Manson (2016)
(NL / ENG) Master Your Mindset – Michael Pilarczyk (2017)
(NL) Draaien naar de Bron – Nicky Verbeek (2018)
(ENG / NL) The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho (1994)
(NL) De Stilte Spreekt – Eckhart Tolle (2016)
(NL) Blut – Dorothée Loorbach (2020)


You’re already free.

Spiritual Master

Mooji (1954) is a Jamaican spiritual teacher based in the UK and Portugal. He gives talks and conducts retreats. Mooji lives in Portugal, at Monte Sahaja.

Eckhart Tolle
Spiritual Master

Eckhart Tolle (1948) is a spiritual teacher and best-selling author. He is a German-born resident of Canada best known as the authorThe Power of Now and A New Earth.

Spiritual Mystic

Osho (1931) was an Indian godman, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement. During his lifetime, he was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader and mystic.

George Carlin
Writer & Comedian

George Denis Patrick Carlin (1937) was an American stand-up comedian, actor, social critic, and author. Regarded as one of the most important and influential stand-up comics of all time.

Rupert Spira
Author and Speaker

Rupert Spira (1960) is an English teacher of the “direct path”, a method of spiritual self-enquiry through talks and writing.

Spiritual Master

Sri Poonja, known as “Poonjaji” or “Papaji” (1910) was an Indian sage and jivanmukta who embodied and taught Self-enquiry, following the example of Ramana Maharshi.

Spiritual Teacher

Gangaji (1942) is an American born spiritual teacher and author. She lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her husband, fellow spiritual teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear.


People are inspiring, but you are the one.

Mooji (1954) – Spiritual Master
Gangaji (1942) – Spiritual Teacher
Papaji (1910 – 1997) – Spiritual Master
Sadhguru (1957) – Inner Engineering
Eckhart Tolle (1948) – Spiritual Master
Rupert Spira (1960) – Writer & Meditation
George Carlin (1937 – 2008)- Writer & Stand-Up
Michael Pylarchyk (1969) – Mindset & Meditation
Osho / Bhagwan Rajneesh (1931 – 1990) – Spiritual Mystic
Gary Vaynerchuk (1975) – Social Media Entrepreneur
Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) – Artist / Performer
Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016) – Boxer / Visionary
Ralph Smart (1986) – Influencer / Psychologist
Dan Peńa (1945) – Businessman


How many books you need to read to just be yourself?

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